What is a Dental Scaling

Sometimes, when you’re at your Santa Clarita dentist, they might suggest a dental scaling. They might talk about it, and they might say it’s to help with plaque buildup, but what is it really? Well, you’re about to find out, so that you can make sure that you plan for everything that’s about to come about.
Scaling is a practice for those that have gum disease. Essentially, this is a cleaning that goes below the gum line and gets rid of the plaque. The process of this is often called a deep cleaning, and you might get told that you need this from your Santa Clarita dentist. This is often deeper than a typical cleaning.
Now, it’s necessary when there is excessive plaque buildup. Everyone has it at some point, and often, this will cover your teeth. For many, when they eat, tiny various particles and acids get stuck to the teeth, creating plaque. The bacteria that live on this can cause gum disease and tooth decay. By brushing, flossing and seeing the dentist regularly, you’ll be able to…